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                                  Knowing there are many paths to the truth, we celebrate a commitment to diversity, tolerance, spirituality and community action.   


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Official Weekly Church Updates 
Worship & Youth Activities:
Sunday Service: 10:45am
Child care 10:45am 

We offer many spiritual, social and community activities throughout the week. To find out more about our faith and our religious activities, check out our Calendar of Events.

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News & Upcoming Events


UUCH Bookstore open Jan. 18 and Feb. 15 after the service

Our church bookstore helps members and friends discover the many excellent books published by the UUA’s Beacon Press and Skinner House.

          A variety of popular titles for all ages on both UU and general interest topics will be available. You can also request additional titles by contacting the bookstore manager, Max Poston at 240-329-0547 or max.poston@gmail.com.

          The books will be sold at list price but will save you postage (and an impatient wait for your books). The church will buy the books at a discount which will  cover shipping and provide a small profit for the church. Payment will be with cash or checks only.

The New UU: A course about Unitarian Universalism to welcome and orient visitors and prospective members.

Introductory session:  Sunday, Feb. 15 after the potluck lunch  Dates for additional sessions will be decided by participants

          This program will introduce newcomers to Unitarian Universalism; share information about UU worship, theology, history, social justice, religious education, and governance; provide resources within and outside the congregation for participants to explore topics independently; and integrate them into the congregation through interactions with a cross-section of members.

          Our church believes that prospective members should know about the mission and practices of the congregation and be clear about what the congregation expects of members. The New UU will provide information and answer questions so that newcomers can make their own decision about membership in our congregation.   

          Each New UU session also provides an opportunity for participants to interact and, if they choose, to share their own experiences, a process that echoes the Unitarian Universalist commitment to individual theological exploration. Participants will learn about Unitarian Universalism not only by hearing about it, but by doing it—exploring their own theology and its intersection with the tradition.

          The majority of Unitarian Universalists come from other religious traditions or from no religious background at all.  An introduction to Unitarian Universalism before becoming members of a congregation, not only enhances their understanding of the faith tradition they are joining, but also helps them become an integral part of the church community.

          For more information or to register for the introductory session (so enough materials are available), contact Yvonne Pfoutz.

Stories in the Round - will return in April.

UUCH Yahoo Groups Are you a member or regularly attending friend of UUCH? If so sign-up to receive regular church announcements via email, helping you keep up to date on what's happening at our church! The UUCH-Udates group is only used for official church communications (announcements, cancellations, etc.) to members and friends, so your mailbox won’t be deluged with excess emails.

There is also a UUCH-Discussion Yahoo group, for the general community, interested in the Unitarian Universalist faith and relavant topics. To join, click on the Yahoo link on the home page of this website.

If you are a church member, and not receiving weekly announcment emails please click this link UUCH-Updates, click "Join This Group" and follow the instructions thereafter.

The third UUCH Yahoo group, ADMIN-UUCH, is limited to board members and staff. 

For details on these events and more, see our CALENDAR page. 

If you would like to start a new activity or group at church, fill out the Activities Request Form and have your request approved by the board, which meets monthly! 

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Inclement Weather Cancellation Information

Cancellations at UUCH:  How to know what's happening


Weather Cancellation Information
For Sunday services, the board will make a decision about canceling as early as possible and inform people through
• website: uuhagerstownmd.org
• Facebook.com/UUHagerstownMD.com
• email to Yahoo UUCH UPDATES list*
• area radio stations: MIX95.1, BigDawg95.9, WAYZ104.7
For other church activities, the group’s leader will decide and contact regular attendees directly and when possible, also use the methods above. 

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